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1. You are 18 years old.

2. Orders are subject to confirmation by who reserves the right to limit order quantities and to cancel any orders if necessary.

In case an ordered product is not available, will inform you immediately and refund your payment. 

3. In case of replacement for a lost package or a damaged shipment, either a new shipment will be dispatched, or the cost of the order will be credited back to the customer's account. 

5.  You cannot cancel an order prior to the shipment. You are responsible for delivered products. 

6. If by any chance, goods are delivered by mistake, the content must be returned undamaged, in its original packaging and by the unit of packaging, within 5 business days of reception.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our return policy.

7. CyryptoCigarLand will not guarantee shipments in cases where tobacco products require special importation licenses or are not permitted. Please be aware that you are responsible for knowing your local laws.

8. We cannot ship tobacco or alcohol to certain countries, you can see the list on the registration form.

9. Our prices are not VAT inclusive. 

10. Prices and conditions are subject to change at any time.   

11. We protect consumer privacy and never share your personal information.

12. Item descriptions are informal! We are not responsible for any mistake such as the wrong description or image on our website...


A flat fee of 20 USD applies to orders with a max per order of 50 to 75 sticks, depending on the total net weight of your order. Our system will automatically inform you if you passed the limit.

Accessories cannot be ordered at the same time, neither shipped with cigars. You have to proceed in two different and separate orders. For accessories, a flat fee of 20 USD applies to orders with a max per order of 2 items.

Please, be aware that your delivery could be subject to customs duties, on which we have absolutely no control, and which (if parcel happens to be inspected) must be paid by you.

For larger sized order such as humidors, books, jars and so on... The shipping expenses will be discussed directly with the customer. 


Once you receive your order confirmation, the order will be shipped within 24 hours (except weekends).

Delivery time should take between 6–16 business days. It depends on the receiving country and local postal services. The Swiss Postal service is usually very prompt and reliable.


In case of delays that go past a month, packages will be considered as lost and replaced or refunded thanks to our shipping policy.

We invite you to be patient, Postal Rules consider a package lost after 30 days from the shipment date. 

No need to send us multiple emails, we cannot do anything about it. We will be in contact with you to discuss this matter in a timely manner. Most importantly, do not worry.

Return Policy: 

- Returns will only be accepted intact and in their original packaging.

- We will deduct the cost of each cigar smoked, damaged or missing.

- Returns should be done within 5 business days of reception, at the latest.

- The buyer bears the shipping costs for returning the goods.

We neither refund nor provide guarantees in the following conditions: 

- You provided us with a wrong shipping address.

- Either the flavor or the taste of the cigar is not what you expected.


Our cigar boxes are vacuum-sealed prior to shipping and the accessories are packed into their parcels with care. Your cigars will arrive fresh and undamaged. 

Our Cigars and Accessories are shipped from our warehouse in Switzerland via the Swiss Postal Service or via private courier when appropriate. We guaranty our shipments against damage and loss. 

We receive our cigar boxes unsealed as has they have been opened and controlled by the official Swiss supplier to ensure strict standards of quality are met and to avoid shipping any damaged or broken cigars.